I have been a part-time psychology student since January 2014, when I started studying at the Open University in The Netherlands (a university that facilitates academic education specifically for people who have jobs and families). My future goal is to start working as a clinical psychologist; since for now I have chosen a pace of study that lets me maintain balance between school, work, and life, it will naturally take years to finish this education. In the meantime, I enjoy learning about the study of human behaviour, and I hope to be able to offer translations about psychological topics soon.

Anita Oomen-Wildeman
Anita Oomen-Wildeman


I can hardly remember a time when my life has not involved playing a musical instrument in a group context. I have played brass instruments in various brass bands, and I have played wind instruments in a classical ensemble. Additionally, I play (classical) guitar. Unfortunately, I have never had the pleasure of translating musical topics – a challenge I definitely invite.


One of my favourite hobbies – motorcycling in the quiet rural north of the Netherlands where I live. Speaking of which: I have regularly done motorcycling-related translation jobs, and would welcome more such opportunities to unite work and play.

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